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When You're At Your Lowest Point - The Strategy Specialist
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When You’re At Your Lowest Point

By December 28, 2017 No Comments

So there I was… 25 yrs old, brand new baby boy, still estranged from my family (my doing), relationship with my son’s father in shambles…. The only thing going right for me (as per usual) was my professional career.  I had a great shift, making prevailing wages, worked well with management, had a great time with my co-workers making them laugh with my customer service tactics aka schmoozing LOL (we worked in the county jail with inmates and their frustrated family members who had to bail them out).

I mean… life was good – I didn’t have very high standards back then… but somehow I was able to pay the mortgage, daycare, car note, and still make my minimum payment on my JC Penney card (oh how simple life was).  My son and I had healthcare (huge deal), my son had a big boy race car bed in his Elmo room…. what more could I have asked for?

My mother was running the dance competition Rainbow Connection – I didn’t know much about it, other than I knew her gross annual income, and I had far surpassed that years before.  I did not know at the time that she needed double hip surgery so her boyfriend, now husband, called a meeting with me to present a once in a lifetime opportunity.

So you understand the power of this sales pitch… I must inform you that my mom’s husband was one of the TOP REALTORS IN HAWAII in the 70’s.  You want to talk about finesse… That man is smooth as silk.  I laugh now because in the first few years of me accepting the proposition, I honestly felt bamboozled.  However, that decision 15 years ago has paid off more than I could have ever imagined and I am incredibly grateful that he was so persuasive.

There were two reasons that led me to quit my county job, abandon my security, take a pay cut, learn an entirely new skill set, and work my ass off every day of the week all hours of the day for years!

#1  I was tired of being predictable and stable and needed to end my personal relationship so I figured if I did something crazy… he would run the other direction (it worked by the way).

#2  My step-father’s sales pitch was so powerful it made me question everything about myself such as: Why am I taking the safe route? Why don’t I believe I can do more? Why don’t I believe I deserve more? Why are my standards so low? Why do I want to work with inmates in a dungeon (that was the best one) ~

Literally the next day… all that I had dreamed of ~ all that I had hoped for ~ I walked away from.  I gave my two week notice and started working in my mother’s basement figuring out Rainbow Connection, which at the time had 3 partners, had been reincorporated 2-3 times since its inception due to financial instability, no assets (we leased the copy machine and the truck), 3 mortgages on my mother’s house, and an outstanding debt of around 200k to one of the partners.

Looking back now as I write this… WHAT THE F*#@^ WAS I THINKING?
I guess I love a challenge LOL

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