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Work Horse vs. Show Pony - The Strategy Specialist

Work Horse vs. Show Pony

By December 28, 2017 No Comments
the strategy specialist amber anthony work horse vs show pony blog post

Within the next few weeks, this blog will have evolved from Amber’s Story (How It All Began) to practical and inspiring accounts of what’s happening now, what’s the plan for the next 15 years, and a strategic shift toward the mentoring/consulting projects that truly feed my soul.

Earlier in the year, I was doing some consulting for a dear friend who owns a nail salon.  She’s been in the business for 20 years, recently broke away from the family business and started her own, is a single mother of two, has a heart of gold, is incredibly talented at her craft, works 18 hours a day – every day, because that’s what you do when you start a business… even if you are 40 yrs old or have been doing it for 20 years….

Her gift is on the artistic side and because she is a one woman show, it’s difficult for her to manage all of the components of a small business.  For starters, it doesn’t come naturally to her: Advertising, Inventory, Acquiring New Talent, Quality Control….. Especially when you are are ‘work horse’ vs. the ‘show pony’.

Show ponies are a prized possession.  Workhorses pull the weight and do the gritty work.  They are like the offensive line and the show pony is like the quarterback.  No one stops to marvel at a workhorse.  They don’t get the endorsement deals, they just keep working.
Most want to be a show pony deep down ~ I’m still trying to figure it out for myself LOL

For many of us in business, this is a common thread.  You have to do EVERYTHING ~ Whether you want to or not, whether you are good at it or not.  There is no money to hire others to fill in those gaps.  And the saddest part of this reality is, that is what prevents you from scaling, as your efforts are focused on too many things; often time the mundane and time consuming tasks that DO NOT move the business forward.

That is where strategy comes in – I’ve been fortunate enough to have friends (direct competitors) in my industry and I have been able to study and identify what they did different than I and how they were able to scale their businesses faster and more efficiently. It’s been quite valuable in my professional growth because I can clearly see where I missed and/or capitalized on opportunities in comparison to my competitors.

The two biggest things that have held me back in my career were #1 Not evolving quickly enough into leadership and #2 Not believing in myself/caring what others thought.

My strategy has always been spot on – One thing I am truly proud of is the accuracy and positive outcomes from my Business Playbook.  It just took me a very long time to have the confidence to call those plays.


the strategy specialist amber anthony work horse vs show pony blog post

The message this Monday Morning….. If you’ve done the work and are confident in your analysis, PULL THE TRIGGER!  BELIEVE IN YOUR ABILITY TO WIN!

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