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Congratulations on your decision to leap into this wonderful world of entrepreneurship!

If you haven’t already, you’ll soon begin to jump on the attendee list of local networking events, research your competitors, establish your brand and ultimately transform all those “brain dumps” and scattered, late-night sticky notes of genius into an efficient, cash-generating business.

Now, while you’ve been hanging on every word that falls from the lips of industry gurus, Google and social media have quickly went from being your go-to resources to a rabbit hole of “best practices” you can’t seem to escape.

And what’s worse is even after flipping through countless pages of notes and hitting the play button to watch yet another “expert” share a mind-blowing million-dollar business tip, you realize you’re still wading in the waters of confusion.

You see, truth be told … you have no idea where to start or even how to get your business back to the yellow brick road of revenue after being redirected down the “Not-So-Profitable” Avenue.

Now, before I reveal how I’m going to pull you from the abyss of “all-fluff-and-no-action” business conferences, ever-changing social media algorithms, shiny, new digital marketing tactics and other “here-today-gone-tomorrow” money-making trends, let me tell you this:


Success requires strategy AND execution.

And when you schedule your FREE Consultation, I’ll show you how to turn your brilliant business idea into a strategic process, that once executed, will make you money and position you to serve the people who need you most.

Here’s what you can expect:


  • You’ll give me a backstage pass inside your brain by completing a brief pre-consultation questionnaire.
  • I’ll review your responses and come to the call ready to reveal the No. 1 thing that has you unintentionally hiding from efficiency, revenue and sustainable success.
  • You’ll experience biz-changing ah-ha moments as I lay down the data right in front of you.
  • I’ll deliver a strategic answer to the soul-sucking question that’s been haunting you for months: “What should I do now?”
  • You’ll gain clarity and direction on the money moves that will take you straight to your business’ treasure chest of successes.

Oh, and because I’m a straight-talking strategy specialist, I can’t promise to always tell you what you want to hear. However, I will guarantee you’ll get the guidance you need to hear to launch, grow and build the business of your dreams.


I started 2017 confidently with a budget and a strategy from The Strategy Specialist, somewhere along the way I veered off track. Looking at 2017 in a glance I realized I would have saved over $25,000 if I would have stuck to the original plan provided to me by The Strategy Specialist. I'm super excited to start 2018 with my original strategy and and looking forward to my 25k at the end!

Sabrina CliffordDollhouse Recovery

I had no idea where to begin opening my new business. That’s when I decided to contact Amber for a strategic approach! I am completely satisfied; she answered all my questions and clarified my doubts in a professional and easy to understand way. She emailed me a step-by-step strategy and answered all my questions and because of her help I was able to open my business without any problems!

Nadia Yanel BanNYB LASHES

After being in business three years I have been taking advice from Amber and executing every idea she has given me for the last two years. SKATE KIDS has sky rocketed from private lessons and small camps at the local skate park to a legitimate business.

Kurtis CalomonicoSkate Kids

About Amber Anthony

The Strategy Specialist

Hi, I’m Amber Anthony Sandoval, profit booster, efficiency driver and strategy specialist, and lover of all things analytical. After transforming my mother’s fledgling company into a multimillion-dollar national success nearly 20 years ago, I became hooked on developing data-driven strategies that help startups and entrepreneurs across a variety of industries turn their business dreams into gratifying, money-making ventures.

Today, ambitious men and women turn to me for business strategies that not only skyrocket their profits, but also position them to serve the masses and make money doing what they love.

I’m all about crunching the numbers and using real data to craft a strategic approach to filling revenue-seeping holes, leaving clients to operate a well-planned, cash-generating machine. Strategic solutions are what I offer; sustainable success is what you get.