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If I can do it, you can certainly do it! - The Strategy Specialist
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If I can do it, you can certainly do it!

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This one is for anyone who has a million excuses as to why they aren’t succeeding in life and/or anyone who hasn’t strengthened their mind to believe in themselves!

Let me set the stage – It’s 2006 – I’m several years into ‘taking over the family business’ and I am fighting an uphill battle in my personal and professional life.


Without going into too much detail ~

  • I was married in an extremely toxic relationship
  • Was raising 3 step daughters on and off throughout the years
  • Was the sole income earner in the household
  • Had DRAMA with my son’s father – court/custody battle – I believe the quote was “I am an unfit mother because I work on the weekends” – PS – Zero child support was coming my direction
  • Was trying to prove to my mother that she had not made a wrong decision in placing me in charge
  • Was fighting my mother’s long term business associates tooth and nail to grow the business even to the point where I almost quit (I gave my mother an ultimatum in 2007… and even then the choice was NOT obvious)

I share this NOT to put my business out in the street but to illustrate that anything is possible!  If I can be transparent about things I am ashamed of…. YOU should be able to accept who you are, where you are currently at in life, and live to your fullest potential!

I have a few colleagues that I tell on a regular…. You are smarter than me, you are savvier, you have gifts I don’t have…. You can far surpass any of my accomplishments if you just follow through with a strategic plan.  Nothing frustrates me more than wasted talent :/

Thanks to social media…. most people only see me whirling and twirling around with bandas and musicos at my house with champagne bottles popping LOL.  I try to explain that is the result of decades of work, heartbreak, and many struggles!

My son knows…. he saw it ALL – And Thank God he forgives me and accepts and celebrates me for my honest intentions and efforts.

I am hoping through these historical accounts, my hustle is respected that much more. When I speak, when I propose solutions…. I’m not just talking out of my ass ~  It comes from a whole lot of trial and error, crazy and diverse life experiences, and DECADES of scratching and clawing my way to achieve something extraordinary and live an honorable and meaningful life.

I often times wonder what my life would be if I were supported, taught, or told kind and encouraging words.  Would I have been useless and entitled?  Or would I have thrived even more?

I’m using this platform with the hope to inspire and create value to any and everyone who is striving to be their personal best ~ I’m also hoping it strengthens my current relationships with those who haven’t had the opportunity to meet the REAL ME ~ #dropsmic

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