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Higher Learning…. An opportunity not all of us had and one we've sacrificed our entire lives to give our children - But is it the best strategy? - The Strategy Specialist
This is such a HOT topic and one that I speak about with kid gloves as not to offend anyone.
I mean…. since our kids have been young, all we’ve told them was to do well in school, be obedient, work to be at the top of their
class or have some type of competitive edge so they are able to select a college that will make us proud – validate our sacrifices as parents –
ensure that they won’t have it as hard as we did.
And yet here we are, colleges so packed it takes 5 years to earn a B.A. because mandatory courses are simply not available.
Spreading ourselves thin financially with loans or spending our savings that was supposed to provide security for our golden years…. we will make it back eventually.
But will we?  Imagine our surprise when our kids earn that prestigious B.A. which lands them an entry level position at a whopping $15 per hour with a newfound realization that they
need to return to school to get that additional Credential Program or Masters Program under their belt in order to ‘make a living within their career choice.’
Another 2 years on top of the first 4-5, an additional 40k – and now you have an ‘educated’ 25 year old eager graduate who is ready to take over the world with….
  • Zero life experience outside of adhering to deadlines and syllabi
  • An impressive transcript highlighting great test scores/grades that mean nothing in the overall scheme of things other than the fact they can memorize and regurgitate information
  • Tons of theory that they may or may not have absorbed with little to no application
My friend and I refer to our kids… well her kids…. as ‘indoor pets’ (mine has played in the street a few times here and there LOL) –
We have the pictures on our walls… cap and gowns – a right of passage to a world that we couldn’t access…..
They are going to be something!
But are they?  In the world I live in…. there are courses and theories that MUST be learned and executed on a regular in order to survive/succeed –
Meet Deadlines
Exceed Expectations
Work with a sense of urgency
Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
Fast and Accurate Analysis
Adhere to Budgets & Timelines
Leadership/Talent Acquisition
Create & Maintain Unprecedented Value to Stakeholders/Customers
And having earned my B.A. in Sociology and Executive MBA…. I can honestly tell you that NONE of these disciplines were taught nor refined in college to the level that
I use them in my everyday life.
Yes – the concepts were introduced… discussions were had, assignments and tests were given…. but go ahead and ask me how much I remember about my calculus or political science class….
Or whether I was an expert in Sociology after taking 24 credits related to that specific  subject…..
Not to say that college is not important – over the course of my studies, I can tell you there are about SIX courses….. yes, I said SIX COURSES OUT OF SIXTY -FOUR  –
that provided me with insight and/or inspiration that allowed me to think differently.
And I will spare you the $ per class breakdown of 6/64 because it will only frustrate you when you look at it through that lens LOL –
Operations Management
Executive Leadership
Global Business – The Trip to China was Incredible!
Statistics for Executives
I guess my overall point of sharing this information is to be realistic – realistic with ourselves and with our children –
If it takes 10,000 hrs to master a discipline…. it would be foolish to think a 4 year degree would hold such validity when entering the work force –
Especially considering that maybe 2 semesters of the entire degree are honing in on a particular discipline.
Yet the time and money it takes to earn these degrees far outweighs the advantage when all said and done – at least in the first several years immediately after graduation.
And the unfortunate reality is that you can’t even get an interview without it – so what do you do?
Many of my clients both pre and post college are all concerned about this truth – and each and every one of them is trying to create a competitive advantage
in hopes that they can see the benefits sooner with some very precise strategy and application.

I’ve shared my story (I was an #entrepreneur before it was trending)

I was an #entrepreneur before it was trending…

I plan to share many of the details in future posts to give you an insight into how far outside of the box you
have to think and what additional skill sets one should acquire/nurture…..
Being a ONE TRICK PONY…. not a good strategy at all….