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Everything Has Its Price - The Strategy Specialist

Everything Has Its Price

By December 28, 2017 No Comments

Over the past 3 weeks or so, I have been very sensitive to how the greatest resources on the planet affects the quality of our lives.


And true to my nature, I have been trying to determine whether or not I am truly valuing those resources, which has me reevaluating my own strategies past and present.

I have a lot of friends and associates who have been blessed with little ones recently.  I watch them vicariously through social media and marvel at how fortunate they are to have so much time with their children.  A smile comes to my face… but then in an instant, tears begin to fall uncontrollably….  I had my son on a Saturday morning and I went back to work on Tuesday.  At the time I hadn’t accumulated any paid time off and if I took time off work without pay, I would also lose our health insurance.

I look back now and wonder…. did I make the right choice?  Did I have alternative options? Could I have downsized and lived off my savings for a few months?

Knowing what I know now…. and the pain this admission brings me 17 years later… It’s very hard to admit that I made a mistake.  I would have done it differently.  Even if it meant starting over at another job… Even if it meant having no safety net….

Knowing how strong and capable I am – I could have started from scratch…. But my 24 year old self didn’t know that yet – So… I did the only thing I know how to do which is hustle and provide by any means necessary regardless of the cost in my personal life.

I am working on a financial strategy for dear friend who is retiring from serving 30 years in the public sector and expanding her existing consulting business.  Our first conversation was all about the numbers, total income, insurance costs, tax liability etc.  All very easy to plan –

But then I said – You have two minor children and some very important health concerns that you should be addressing.  They need to be included in the strategy – from a cost and time perspective.

When you put your life on a spreadsheet…. you can manipulate daily activities and then quickly determine if your planning and output are in alignment with your goals.

Example: I have maybe 10 more industrious years where I can #slay
And at the same time, I have my son who is the ONLY reason I wake up with passion and determination and I have a husband who I ADORE.

It’s easy to get caught up in life –  And when you write down what you THINK you’re doing vs. what you ARE ACTUALLY doing…. well… it can be a real shock!

Recently, I discovered that MY OWN ACTIONS were NOT MATCHING MY INTENT…
So…. I had to get back to basics… PUT A PLAN TOGETHER AND EXECUTE!

Instead of rambling on…. allow me to illustrate my point –
Let’s just say that the GOAL is as follows:
KIDS – 30%

I color coded ‘like’ activities – Based on the schedule…. Does it match the goal?

It’s pretty close – And of course there are variables –  But if you start with a template such as this…. You can really dissect and identify where you are spending your time.  And…. you can get your kids and spouse involved to make sure everyone is aware and working toward the same goal…. and more importantly –


What’s cool about this framework is it can modified at any given time as your priorities and goals change… It’s very empowering knowing that you have complete control over your output and contribution!

I so wish I had this skill/knowledge when I was younger…. I would have shifted the boxes around in a completely different manner! Hindsight is 20/20…. But I share this tool with you in hopes that YOU believe me when I tell you…. Time and Health…. you can’t put a price on it – So please do what you can to make every moment count!

Take the time to define what is important in your life and work diligently to live with purpose!  

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