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Teaching Dance ~A Brave and Honorable Profession

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One of the main reasons I started this blog was to have the ability to reach out to Dance Studio Owners/Teachers nationwide to provide consulting, resources, and support in a greater capacity than I have done casually over the last decade.

I didn’t understand the true role of a dance teacher/studio owner until my early 30’s.  I think I tried to block all of the memories of growing up in a dance studio.  Now when I see pictures of my childhood in the studio, it brings a smile to my face, however, had you asked me my opinion of dance studio ownership and teaching in my 20’s, I would NOT have been so nostalgic.

I remember vividly the day to day operations of the studio.  I was wise far beyond my years even then and somehow understood the strategy that was needed to stay afloat.  Now having run a dance competition for 15 years and had the privilege of forming incredible relationships with teachers and studio owners all over the country, it has been my pleasure to provide insight and recommendations in hopes that they will apply them and reap the benefits of their hard work.

It is common knowledge that teachers are underpaid…. The media speaks to this and politicians advocate for reform in our educational system.

I have dissected many studio business models and have made some SHOCKING discoveries that I’ve always known instinctively… but once it was placed on paper, with real numbers and ZERO emotion…. I realized the choice to be a Dance Teacher/Studio Owner is a BRAVE and HONORABLE one!

I hope to expand upon my findings in many posts to come that will be beneficial to a wide audience, but would like to introduce some concepts as food for thought:

Tuition varies by region, however, the average per class rate per student is $14.38.
The average # in students in each class is 7
1 hour class = 7x$14.38 = $100.66
A Teacher earns anywhere from $25-$50 per hour to teach a 1 hour class
In this scenario, the Studio Owner is left with anywhere from $50-$75 per class which is used to pay Rent, Utilities, Insurance, Advertising, Administration Salaries, Programs, Equipment, Taxes, Ect.

Most Studios only have 29 classes in the Main Studio Room during any given week IF it is operating Monday thru Sunday, which is usually NOT the case.

After you pay all of the fixed expenses with the $1365 net per week (as seen in the table below).. what is left for the Studio Owner unless they are teaching the majority of the classes (which is usually the case)?

And if the Studio Owner is teaching the majority of the classes…. then who is running the business? Who is keeping the books, reconciling the tuition payments, marketing to attract new clients, planning competitions, recitals, costumes, and innovating new programs?

When you look at this visual, it becomes crystal clear why Most Studio Owners have financial concerns.  And what’s even MORE heartbreaking is that in the traditional education system, teachers go to school for 4-5 years to earn a salary that is FAR greater and more stable than that of a Dance Teacher who spends their ENTIRE LIFE dedicated to perfecting their craft, who then gives of themselves… selflessly…. mind, body, and soul to our youth – the future stars of tomorrow.

I am excited and honored that many of you have reached out and are allowing me the opportunity to study your current business model so that I may provide insight and value that are in alignment with your goals!

I will continue to share information as it relates to the industry in my particular area of expertise which is finance and operations.

And please know…. this is my gift to YOU! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions big or small!