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43 & Fabulous??

By March 4, 2019 No Comments

Well, for those of you who have followed my journey or the struggle LOL, you know the last 5+ years have been filled with excessive eating, drinking, partying… and as a result… stressing. Lots of life changes…. new marriage, recent empty nest syndrome, and in between a few little health challenges directly related to me NOT taking care of myself. Granted…. I expected for there to be a few hiccups and I do expect to be aging (at a glacial pace)…. but this past year, I can honestly say, there has been a rapid demise in my physical appearance and whether directly related or not, a huge change in my emotional wellbeing.

Thankfully I was able to communicate these realities to an amazing and knowledgable woman, Jenny Worth, and she directed me to my “Step 1” – Sports Medicine & Performance Specialist – Dr. Lester Lee (Huntington Beach). I made an appointment, submitted to a full blood panel (paid cash out of pocket, even though Kaiser may have done about 60% of the requests under my existing insurance)… But ain’t no-one got time to be haggling with Kaiser lol.

I received my results within a week along with a treatment plan…. And much to my surprise, MOST of the recommendations were natural over the counter supplements! And… you’re not going to believe this… the REAL shocker was the fact that I was low in vitamin D…. and after 2 heavy doses over the course of 2 weeks…. The clouds started to lift, the birds started to chirp and I began to feel incredibly alive and optimistic! With something simple as Vitamin D my friends!

To summarize my results quickly for those of you who are interested in taking control of your health & wellness…

Cortisol 37.2 (High) – CRP 11.9 (High) – Estrogen 21 (Low) – Progesterone .1 (Low) – Thyroid T3 2.59 (Low) – Testosterone .6 (Low) – Gamma GT 76 (High) Liver – Need Detox – Vitamin D 10.9 (Low)

Listen… I’m no Dr…. I just don’t care for traditional medicine… many of my friends and family are on one pill after another for depression, anxiety, etc. and to be frank, I don’t see any improvements in their overall wellbeing (just putting it out there). And though I struggle with many of the same symptoms, I’ve always relied on pushing through mentally vs. using a pharmaceutical solution (unless you’re going to judge me on my Red Bull and t (thermogenic addiction) – Which UPDATE on that …… since I started with my wellness treatment plan, I am completely off of thermos, fat burners, etc!

This was my treatment plan (see notes below)…. and for 2 months supply… it was a little over $200 so…. Medicine & Supplements = $100 for the month along with the $90 office visit (sidebar – bloodwork was pricey for the first time $1200 but again… that was my choice I could have saved 60% had I gone to Kaiser).

I am down 11 pounds since mid-January. I am ready to tackle another 10 starting tomorrow! I haven’t started the Liver Detox yet because it is pretty strict… At some point I need to commit to that, but for me… the small improvements/changes I’ve made thus far are monumental!

I’ve spoken at length about how good I feel and how I see a huge improvement with my inflammation with my sister, colleagues and friends who are most if not all currently taking prescribed medication for weight, stress, anxiety, etc.

Again…. I don’t claim to be an expert in this field… I can only speak my truth – but I will keep you posted on my progress and hope that as time passes, I can present valuable information stemming from my journey that you may be able to apply to your own lives!