You have the brains. Now, let me add the strategy.

A sustainable strategy for success is what I’m here to deliver.

It’s true … behind every startup sits a brilliant, passionate thinker who wants to do nothing more than serve the market. Geniuses like you see a need in the marketplace and you create a heart-centered solution. Now, sometimes this fire lays the foundation for an incredibly profitable business. And, well, sometimes it doesn’t.

You see, while passion will fuel your desire to keep going when this business thing feels too hard, it alone does not magically create profitable, long-lasting businesses. That level of success where your audience is winning, your bank account is thrilled, your investors are tossing around high fives, your family is overjoyed and you’re elated with your results requires STRATEGY.

Meet Your Strategy Specialist


I’m Amber Anthony-Sandoval, strategy superstar, multimillion-dollar business owner and a compassionate consultant who “tells it like it is” because I want to see my clients win. I’ve grown the Rainbow Dance Competition from a fledgling, nearly out-of-business operation to a multimillion-dollar, international company with competitions in the United States and Australia.

Oh, and did I mention, I’ve advised startups and millionaires operating in a variety of industries on how to plug revenue gaps and make their money work for them? Yes, I’m truly a superstar when it comes to turning business ideas into profitable, audience-serving entities.

Now, there’s one thing you have to know before I go any further …

I’m no overnight success.


You see, I’m a single mom who left home at the young age of 16. For nearly a decade, I lived independently and had no communication with my family. I purchased my first home at the age of 23 and reunited with my mother a year later to help rebuild her company.

Within a year’s time, I’d taken over as CEO and doubled the company’s gross income, taking it from $600,000 to $1.2 million. And now, I invest my time and money into the mega-sized dreams of entrepreneurs who need assistance with planning and implementing their brilliant ideas.

Now, while it may sound as if I’ve strolled through this biz life effortlessly, please know I was drenched in self-doubt and fear every step of the way. I’ve endured life-changing struggles and mind-blowing blessings. And because of it all, I have the empathy to relate to ambitious entrepreneurs like you who need someone to create a “just-for-you” strategy so you can transform your vision into the legacy-building, profitable business you love waking up to.

Your path to profitability starts here.


Yes, I know you have what it takes to make big things happen. And, I also know you’ve been struggling to do so. You’ve tried all the shiny, one-size-should-fit-all guru tactics, and now I challenge you to let me create a strategy that works for you.

Listen … I know you’re frustrated and fed up, and you’re scared as heck to hand over your “biz baby” to a stranger. But I also know, you’re ready to have the business of your dreams, serve those who need you most and make money doing it.

And that’s exactly what I’m here to help you do. So, if you’re honestly ready to skyrocket your profits, it’s time to plan your next move.